Thanks to Jason Coker, a new kind of variation has been found. The autosteer models released in E boxes have always been known to have "white stripe" on their end flaps...

...until now. The 33C Miura without the white stripe was brought to my attention and after verification with Christian Falkensteiner, seems that this variation was unknown or widely overlooked before. Here are pictures provided from Jason :

This variation will be added to the E box page for the 33C. Number will be E4-1b. I don't have much more info about it, though. Was it released before or after the white stripe version ? An error in the early printing, or late ?

Another question, of course, come to mind : the thing is possible for the Ford Mustang, Ford Cortina, Mercury Police and Cougar (strangely enough, these are 4 Ford models!)

Keep an eye on your collection and please let me know if you notice that "stripeless" variation !