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Manx Cattery Ford Model A Van in blue?

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Manx Cattery Ford Model A Van in blue?

Postby David Tilley » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:13 pm

Hi guys,

This has just arrived today through the post. ...

Photobucket is no longer working and I have not found an alternate yet, so I am just linking to 3 pictures I added to my Instagram feed of the model as it arrived. I hope that is okay.

But I have a question. As noted on my write up there, the Manx Cattery model was released in 1988 in red, with a matching red label on the side with green, brown and white design. This is blue, but features the same design, but on a matching blue label with black, red and white. I have checked, and it came in a grid box dated 1987, and the red promo was from 1988. So the box timeline fits. Now the base rivets look perfectly fine to me. I see no signs of any tampering going on there. Plus, checking against Christian Falkensteiner's word document, the red had a type D base which was finishing in 1988, whereas this has a type E base, which was starting in 1988, so with the model being sold around the overlapping time, that is not a clear indication of anything unusual. I have checked the model over carefully and it looks legitimate. But I have no idea why this is blue and why nobody has it anywhere? Or does anyone know anything about it?

My only thought at the moment is that it was a prepro, and they changed it for production to lighten it up. But if anyone has any other ideas, I am open to all thoughts. I can't complain though as it did only cost me a couple of pounds. So whatever, I am happy to have it.

:) :D :P
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Re: Manx Cattery Ford Model A Van in blue?

Postby Idris » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:30 pm

Given the label, I think it unlikely that we'll find the tale behind this one! :D
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